so i really want to get a new amp but i need some suggestions on what to get. it has to be a tube amp. size doesn't really matter to me. it will mainly be used in my room but it will be needed to practice with a band and maybe pull off a small gig. i play all different kinds of rock. so it has to have nice cleans and have an alright distortion. i also want to get some nice overdrive tone out of it. i want to keep my budget under $600. any suggestions are appreciated.
peavey maybe
what fender would i be able to get some good distortion out off??
I think that's just the valveking, and possibly others, but not the classic 30
For $600 you could do a number of things:

(used if you want to save some money) Peavey Valveking 112/212 + new speaker(s)
Used Peavey Classic 30 + overdrive
Used Traynor YCV50 BLUE
Used Peavey 5150/6505 combo (crap cleans, great overdrive, extremely loud. Too loud for bedroom usage, actually. That's why I'm recommending this choice least)
Bugera 6262 (5150 clone with supposedly superior cleans)
B-52 AT112

All of those amps are tube.
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