Hey guys,
Just wanted to know, what basic scales should be learnt first and which are more useful for everyday theory? cheers
All major and minor, mostly minor if you play rock which im guessing is right.
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Major, the minors, and pentatonics, then you can start to scale out into the modes you like, and when your comfortable start making your own scales.
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For what instrument, and what style of music?

Be more specific buddy.
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all the modes of the major scale (fyi the aeolian mode is the minor scale) and the pentatonic scale
Learn Pentatonic, Blues scale, learn the major scale, and jazz melodic and harmonic minor. Become fluent with all of the Diatonic modes of the major scale. . . each time you start from a different note you change the mode(order of half steps and whole steps change.) All of the Greek modes have natural tonalities to them. Another thing, when you first learn the major scale, I'd suggest C major, relative A minor scale. Everything is Natural and beginning scales and theory it just makes more sense. Guitar is easy because you can look at everything positionally though so to change key you just have to change the fret you start with. . . still the same pattern. Also, Learn how the scales and chords are constructed. . . it will make the future a lot easier. . . That's just some basic theory for you though and it seems a little huge for all the stuff I mentioned but don't let it intimidate you.
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all the modes of the major scale (fyi the aeolian mode is the minor scale) and the pentatonic scale

Christ, no modes

Ts, learn the notes on the fretboard and learn the major scale, that's where everything starts...read the Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the Columns section to get you started.
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Minor pentatonics are the easiest to improvise with. Learn them first and move on to major scale and then minor scales. Minor scales are good for heavy metal