I was just wondering what's this effect that the guitarist uses at about 2:18-2:27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_dJTUtivRg

i think its flanger? but i'm not sure. i'm trying to get that effect but i have no clue what it is. if it is flanger, what are the settings for that sound cause i can't seem to get that sound with my line 6 mm4 modulation.

thanks (=
im pretty sure its flanger. because i used to have a zoom effects pedal. and it had flanger and it had that exact sound. but now i have the line 6 mm4 modulation, i sold my other pedal.

i just need to know the settings for the depth, speed, tweak, tweez and mix
thats phaser

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im pretty sure thats flange, but might be achieved using a phase depending on your settings, i would make sure that your regen is low as its slow flange in the song, dont know what that would be on the MM4 maybe speed. check your manual
and i set it all at 12 o clock cause i dont know what settings to do.
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and whenever i try to mess around with the settings it gets worse. so does anyone know?
regen is how fast the flange goes from on end to another, "how fast the whoosh is"
as I said mess with the speed, and check with your manual, it should have suggested settings, if thats not right just screw around with each knob until you get something you want