Well I just got my output jack of my guitar replaced about 2 weeks ago. And then a couple days ago, my amp started cutting in and out so I took it to the music shop and had them take a look at it and I bought a new cable thinking maybe my cable was screwed. Well today I got my amp back and they said that nothing is wrong with it at all. So I plugged it in and it's still cutting in and out with a new cable so I took a look at my guitar and found that my output jack already needs to be re-soldered. Does anyone have any idea why it would need it so soon? Was it just a bad solder?
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probly, this happens to everyone. and its not that expensive to fix, so its definitely worth it. but if it broke in two weeks...i would take it to a different shop. they obviously didnt do too hot of a job
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probably a bad solder job.

it happened with my guitar when I replaced the pots and didn't solder it correctly to the jack.