Anyone else going there?

And how'd those who are first years at any university enjoy their frosh week?
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I'm over at Ottawa U. Carleton sucks.

/obligatory rival campus response

*sings Anti-Ottawa U songs*


Carleton is so bad.
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Hanzi_G = god damned prophet.

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aww i opened this and expected something about fresh prince
*leaves thread disapointed*

Frosh week was great here at Ottawa U. A few buses to take us over to bars in Quebec. Good fun. I guess Carleton would have something similar.
Yeah, we didn't have buses to bring us to bars though, we had to get there ourselves, but there was a kegger and they were relatively slack about underage drinking on campus.
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Damn you! Beat me to it...
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I can't stand it any longer.


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I'm surprised Campus Security didn't intervene when people were obviously drinking outside.

Well they did occasionally, but only if people were being overly rowdy.
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Well they did occasionally, but only if people were being overly rowdy.

Over here people were drinking in stairs and smashing bottles everywhere, I was standing around with some Heineken in my bag and I was hesitant to break it out because I was sure that they would attract security.
Not much got smashed in the way of bottles here, most people kept it relatively clean (well, tried to). My whole floor was littered with empties though, just not broken.