So I've noticed that when I bend a string that my ring finger, I don't believe my index has this problem, anyways, when I go to bend the B string or say a G my finger gets caught under whichever string is lower and it muzzles, makes a weird vibrating noise instead of muting. Now your probably suppose to mute the lower string right and just hear the higher one, right? I have no idea since I don't really bend but is there any way around this problem?
take the b string off. Trust me you don't need it
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Are you by any chance playing on an acoustic or semi-hollow? You'll find it's much more difficult to bend on an acoustic than on an electric (and damn near impossible on a nylon string acoustic) because of the higher action. You'll have to use your other fingers to push the strings you're not playing down to keep your finger from getting caught underneath them.
I had this problem BAD when I started doing crazy bends. What I try to do is when I push the string towards the upper part of my body to bend it (IE the G, B, E strings) I use atleast two fingers and position my pointer so it rests on the other string. It's hard, but it's something that if you just do it more and more trying to get it right you'll have it in no time at all.