I had an idea to make a thread like this
basically post pictures that describe your day to day runnings, or anything interesting to share.

rain, was taken at a friends house, but pretty much shows how it is.
been raining a lot lately.

beer and pasta, mmmm

more beer, and some vodka, this was consumed with a friend in the space of a few hours.
it's usually what happens every few days/weekend.
fun times!

sleeping aids, bad insomnia, but I refuse to get treatment for it right nowregardless of how much people nag me

how about you guys? I'm sure you people have more interesting things to post from all over the world
One of my friend put his life into smoking weed with some people that he doesn't care about, he just hangs around with them for the pot.
My other friend sits all day and chat with his girlfriend who lives on the other side of the country, while he plays diablo II. I meet him some times at the gym, though.
Another friend moved to the US and now has a kid, and signed up for a 5 year contract in the military.
It feels like I've no friends left, only me and my guitar :/
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Gotham City is in need of a makeover.

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Gotham City is in need of a makeover.

well atleast it still has the dreary creepy atmosphere from the good old days

Cruisin' down the street in my T4, jackin these bitches, smackin' some hoes.
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This could describe my life as of right now;

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