ok, my band name is No Comment Necessary. And i would like some brutally honest criticism (please be constructive though). and dont judge by sound quality. our recording gear is amateur at best.

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Denny Crane.

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touche vman, touche

mate. feed. kill. repeat.
Songs about testicles are pretty cool.
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
lmao id give my testicle to see your face again, you need to really draw that song out, it has potential to be an legend. lol ifyour looking to get real "omfg you are like n00bz wiz guitars" criticism i refuse to give it, you've got the talent and the comedy. I listened to the demo's but i'm not criticing them, sorry lol.

we'll make it

the intro is funny as hell and oh so true. the instrumental opening sounds familiar though, have you copied form somwhere by accident or on purpose? Sometimes the vocals seem out of time with the music especially before the 1st break. The nat the chorus the vocals seem to fall behind again. This just needs to be tidied up imo.

With you tonight

The vox sound a bit waily in the intro, made me laugh, no offence. the guitar work sounds simple, them when you really start to strum it does sound a little, well rubbish, but as you say that might be your equipment and recording etc. it's got the sweet factor though.

A Dieing Love

Did he say Igor? simple guitar work sounds ok, the cymbals seem to fit, then.... lol i didnt expect that. the vocals seem a little of again and strangley loud, good combo of styles though.

Ode To A Loved One

Nice intro, then the lyrics! Brilliant lol TESTICALLLLLSSSSSS.... lmao I love it, don't change it. please I think this is funny as anything. (edit) im so makingit my profile song on myspaz lmao!
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omfg you are like n00bz wiz guitars

but seriously that one song... i think it was dieing love.... i almost died when the vocals came in, they frightened me. without you tonight is pretty bad.... liked the beginning of we'll make it, except when the bass player came in.... stupid head. instrumentals and the testicles were great on the other hand.

i just put a link in my sig so if you could follow it and comment on my band that would be great. please.
if your looking to get real "omfg you are like n00bz wiz guitars" criticism i refuse to give it

i stand corrected...

i just put a link in my sig so if you could follow it and comment on my band that would be great. please

what link, i wanna check it out if i could
To be completely honest, the songs sound really bad. That being said, there is a lot of room for improvement. The first (and possibly most important) thing you guys need to work on is making things tighter and ensuring that all the instruments are together throughout. As a band the most important thing is to be able to play together. There are times when it sounds like each person is lost which makes the music sound very muddled. Over time your band will get much tighter just by practicing the songs over and over and over and over etc.

The second thing I would like to mention to improve your band would be to ensure that everyone is in tune with each other. There were points where the guitar and the bass sounded out from each other.

Also under the heading of "tuning" is the vocals. The need work - a lot of work. I'm not a very good singer by any means, but the best way to improve is to sing all the time. At the moment the vocals are usually very out of tune, which really detracts from the music.

I truly believe that if you can get the vocals to sound better and get the band tightened up all your tunes will sound a thousand times better. The songs remind me of pop-punk bands like blink-182 and such, so keep up the work. I'm interested in hearing what you guys sound like in a few months.