I havent updated my zune in forever, and i think i need to add oh...25.55 GB worth of stuff onto it. I've been primarily listening to Tool for the past like, year, and i want some suggestions as to other bands/songs i should get. Not really into hardcore metal, I got some mastodon and kamelot on there, thats about it. I also got some Pendulum, Daft Punk, and Chem. Bros. on there as well, along with QOTSA and Muse, amongst others.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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I saw Kamelot soundchecking while my band was setting up for a different gig in the same complex, and I'm the bassist and I had no pedals back then so I had nothing to set up so I got to watch for a while.

In relevance to the thread, if you like muse you'll probably like radiohead, so give them a try, Pearl Jam are also great, they satisfy many listening needs all at once.
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