I am searching, high and low, there’s nowhere to go and yet somehow I just want to get away. To what, I have no idea, to whom I cannot tell, but it is far from where I fell. There’s something inside and I know there is, it’s just something to find and it waits in a place only my mind can reach. Too far it might be, but only time will see if I can get there, rest assured I’ll try my best and in the end it will be clear. So much can be at stake here and that is what can make this situation so difficult to understand. The complexity of life is no puzzle for me to solve, and if it were, would I evolve into a something different than I strive to be? I hope in a way that I can endure and ensure that what is right here and what is now may stay as that is all I have to this day.
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My G string keeps slipping when i bend it.
Any suggestions?
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