I love the dark heavy tone on Dark Tranquilitys Damage Done album, does anyone know what gear they used to record it? Ive tried getting the tone out of my Peavey Triple XXX but havent had much luck.
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One of my favorite albums of all time!

Sundin and Henriksson
according to wikipedia
Quote by wikipedia
He previously used Rocktron Chameleon rack mounted pre-amplifiers, but after the Damage Done tour, he and Martin Henriksson began using Peavey 5150 and Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier amplifiers along with Behringer V-AMP 2 modeling processors.

according to an interview here on UG
Quote by UG interview

It’s like a combination of everything. On the last 2 albums, we’ve had roughly the same equipment. We’ve been using Gibson guitars for about 10 years in the studio. There are different varieties, SG guitars. Amp-wise, we usually try out different combinations. Normally we’ve got an Engl. For the stage show we use the Engl Powerball model. We use it with a 5150, which is also a commonly used amplifier. The kind of guitar sound that we need, which is powerful and heavy, while still being pretty clear. So we’re pretty comfortable with that. We may try something different out for ourselves, but I think that that’s the basic setup for us.
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Love that band. Well I now the used V-amps for a while, but now they use 5150's
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