Can anyone help me out on this song, Should I alternate picking, or downstrokes, anyone have a better lesson then any of the youtube videos, I can do the fingering fine just strumming.
i alternate pick, but i start on an upstroke so the direction of the pick is easier when you go up to the A string in the intro
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well im learning the intro based on the tab that is around the E, and A string the 12th and 15th fret, if you look at that it goes 12,15,12,15 so on and so fourth, and for the chorus its going 0,3,0,3,5,3,5,3,6...so on. for the beggining of the chorus would i hammer on 0, then 3, or should i actually pick the note, because its really fast, and the same goes with the intro
Well I need help for tips on everything about the song, minus the solo. so just useful things to know while learning it.
alternate picking is the way to go, as someone already said, i start the intro with an upstroke, it's easier to change between strings that way, main riff just normal alt picking, and the verse riff is played with upstrokes mostly i think...
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Yes, alt pick the whole song.

Not the verse. You've got to get that Metallica-sounding downstroke palm-muted chug.

I'm pretty sure Dimebag is using all d'strokes there, except possibly for the very last note in the riff (the open 4th string)

From Dime's book (Riffer Madness):
"Whenever possible, I like to play palm-muted chugs like the ones in Revolution Is My Name using downstrokes only for maximum heaviness and chunk."
Alt picking, though if I remember right Dime used some kinda octave divider/arpeggiator when he origonally recorded the intro for the CD. He ended up learning to play it without one for live shows, but the CD version uses some kinda effect.
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I was checking out the Vulgar Videos dvd looking for more hints on how Dime was picking in this song, and in the live show from Moscow, there's one scene about 1:02 into Cowboys, during the verse, where the camera is kind of right underneath Dime (and Rex) and you get a good angle for seeing what's going on, and I learned something new. He's picking that main riff with (drum roll please)....

upstrokes! OK, not all upstrokes, but they're definitely a big part of it. Near as I can make out, it's something like this:



Obviously heavy on the palm muting, at least up until the hammer-ons.

Another example of how one of the best ways of learning is just watching and listening to the great ones. Especially slowing down, or even going frame by frame -- you can almost always learn something new if you pay close enough attention.