This Friday when I get my paycheck, I'm gonna go to guitar center I think and buy a ukulele -- probably the $100 one, yknow like the lowest priced thing I can buy

Are there any ukulele players here? Dya think I'll regret that? Should I maybe spring for a little more? I have no idea what to do when shopping for ukulele's -- it's tough to test out an instrument and get an idea if it's good if you can't play it yet, rofl

any help would be great!
I got mine for $50 at Sears in Xmas season a few years ago. Unless you're dropping like $300 on a uke, you won't notice a huge difference. Just spend more than $30 and you'll get a decent instrument to learn on. You won't regret it, don't worry.
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Lanikai make the best Uke for your price range, I recently heard that it sounds ten times better than most £50/$100 Ukes...

Hope I caught you in time, hopefully your music shop will have some Lanikai Ukuleles!

Best wishes!

Just joined the forum to spread the word on Lanikai - I was lucky enough to get a pink flying V ukulele for xmas - its a Mahola which is pretty much the cheapest on the market, still a good beginners uke though. Lanikai here I come!