So i just recieved my pick ups from rockmonkeygutiars and i am wanting to replace them. but i also want the bridge pick up to have the tone pot on not the middle. so do i just put the bridge tone wire on the tone pot and not the the middle?
This one will allow you to control both the middle and bridge with one tone control. If you don't add the connection, and just move the wire, it will only control the bridge.

I advise just moving it, so that way you're not stacking too many tone caps in certain positions.

What set did you get? Tell me how you like them when you set it up.

I have a '62 Smooth groove in the neck, a custom order Swingin' Hot in the middle, and a CEW in the bridge.
Well, mine are custom made - all of them. The bare wire is almost certainly shielding, which will go to ground. In your case, the ground connection would be on the back of the pots, coming from the output jack.

What wires are on yours?

BTW, Chris should've emailed you or included some instructions on color coding. If not, PM him.
o i will do that. thank you

i jsut have two wires bare and white.

the set that i have are:
swinging cool for neck and middle and swing and cool for bridge
o and i also dont understand what it means by move the wire.
move it where?