Heya All,

I play guitar, and I've tried a few teachers in SYDNEY. I thought it be good to make a thread about guitar teacher experiences so we know who to avoid before we hand over $50 for the guy to show you minor thirds...

Here's my list

Peter Kinch. http://www.fretbox.com/members/97/

He is in the drummoyne area. FANTASTIC person, FANTASTIC teacher. Was my first teacher, would have gone back to him except it's been like 3 years.
Knows his stuff, totally brilliant.

Harry Gusman http://www.guitarstudio.com.au/

Marrickville area. Knows his stuff, fantastic teacher, don't rate him highly as a person though. Won't go back to him because we didn't get along but CLEARLY his musical ability AND his teaching ability are unquestionable. Personally I didn't get along with him, but everyones different and i recommend him to budding virtuosos.

Duncan Smith http://www.bookingsdirect.com.au/teachers/duncansmith/default.htm
Clovelly area. Creepy guy stares at you a bit. I went to him and the first thing he said is "pay upfront".. I should of just left really. Doesn't know his stuff, his field of expertise isn't even music, doesn't play in a band, barely looks like he can even play the guitar. If you look at the way he plays he clearly isnt very good. It seems all he knows is to print/remember internet theory.

So to conclude: I need a guitar teacher in sydney who isnt a tool. Feel free to Share!
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