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Ok so I have been a dog lover all my life and I was thinking about what kind of dog i was gonna get when I'm on my own in a few years. I look through a list if dogs and the only ones that really caught my attention were Bulldogs and Pitbulls. Now I don't want a dog that will be mean or have a killer intinct, just a nice dog that can just chill out at my apartment or house and i wont have to be afraid to show my dog to anyone. I mean just a normal dog. I want a smaller dog but not a yappy 'not really a dog' dog that doesnt need a lot of grooming needs. I gotta say I'm leaning towards pitbulls a little but I have pretty much heard two different stories.

1. Pitbulls have been raised to be vicious in the past and all purebred pitbulls will always have that fighting instinct even though they may act like the nicest dog some little thing can trigger that instinct and they can attack something without warning...or
2. If you raise/train/socialize them correctly right from the begining they will always be nice dogs. But i dont really know the facts!

I realize that the people in UG probably arent dog experts, but if anyone has had any good OR bad experiences with the breed or they do happen to be a vet or a dog expert or what please share. Thanx
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Be awesome and get a Golden Retriever like me.

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soft coated wheaten terrier thats the dog i have i doesnt shed so no dogg hair and really friendly

search it on google or something
I wouldn't get a pitbull. They start to go in there old age, the bone in the space between the eyes starts to push against their brain.
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Be awesome and get a Golden Retriever like me.


+1 golden retrievers are the best dogs imo, labs are good also.
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as long as it doesnt have a fighting blood line and you raise it right it will be the nicest dog in the world

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its just in how you raise them to be and cutting there balls off at an early age helps with the agressiveness a lot.....
Just an average dog all these misconception make them look like a killing machine but Truth is all these things people say myths that are false
My pit bull was nice. Every pit bull I've ever seen in real life isn't aggressive. There's also another type of dog that looks just like them, but isn't known to be aggressive, I'll go find out real quick.

Edit: American Stafford Terrier. My cousin has one, it looks just like the pitbull my grandma has.
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Pitbulls are ugly.

Border Collies are where it's at

Look at it's elegance!

border collies are the coolest!

but I own a yellow lab husky mix and a yorkie chihuahua mix.
the yellow lab husky mix has deep blue eyes that will steal your heart the first time you see them. she's PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!
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my brother's roommate has a pitbull that's really nice. i think it's all about how they're trained.

but you really need a Siberian Husky

that's one serious fuckin dog
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my uncle used to breed the pitbulls when i was little and never had a bad experience, they would leave me unsupervised for a while with them and i would be fine (i was like 7 or 8 at the time) i would play with them and all that and they wouldnt hurt me or anything. they sometimes didnt know there own strength but i was fine.
You just need to exercise them properly (that means walks, not fights) and then discipline them firmly so they obey you. Far too many pit bull owners fail to recognize this/are not prepared for the massive time commitments. Almost any episode of the Dog Whisperer involves an under-exercised pit bull and a neglectful owner.
For me, Basset Hounds are where it's at. Though I have at least an American Water Spaniel (looks like this) and although he's a thief during dinner, he's a sweet dog.
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Modern dogs are the descendants of wolves, regardless of breed they will always have a killer instinct.
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My best friends dog is a border collie and it is the shit.

Anyway my current dog is a mix between a whippet and a pit bull and while he has his moments( hes only 6 months) he is generally a pretty nice dog.

Also my sister has an actually pitbull and he is one of the friendliest dogs i have ever met. Loves people and other dogs and likes to cuddle. I guess it depends on how it was raised.
Yeah my cousins had a border collie and it was cool, but remembered that it shedded on me like crazy but I'll think about it. Also right now my family has a golden retriever/poodle mix but we used to have a purebred golden retriever and they are/were very good dogs but i want to mix it up a bit. That soft coated wheaten terrier looks cool, i might have to look into that. My friends neighbor has a boxer and it's another pretty cool dog but a little too big for a future apartment owner. I almost put pug up with bulldogs and pitbulls but i would take a bulldog over a pug. A husky was another one that crossed my mind but it sheds its winter coat twice every year :/.

So i guess the general consensus is that they are nice as long as you train them right. Well I'll probably ask a vet or a dog expert or something before i make my decision. I still got a few years. Thanx keep 'em coming!
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My friends pit bull is in the blood line of fighting dogs, and is the nicest dog I've ever met. He will bare his teeth when playing, but he won't bite, and he doesn't growl when he does show teeth.
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If you get them at a young age and treat them correctly they'll be fine....My sister had a pit mix and it was very nice. It would bark at me at night when I walked around in the dark though. Scared the shit out of me every time because that dog was bigger than me.
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I want a Pitbull when I grow up and for the people that are like " I want a lab and a Golden R. and pits are ugly and mean..." are straight gay!

Pits > all gay dogs.

pits are cute, powerful, and loving what more can a straight guy ask for.
Our guitarist has 2 pits, both house broken, both extremely lovable (get your mind outta the gutter), but they have a tendency to walk all over pedalboards. I guess that's just in their blood. But I think one is an aspiring pickpocket, because I keep my wallet in my cargo pocket, and he is always sticking his nose in there. And my crotch, but that's different (again, gutter).
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People are scared of my dog because he's a half pit, and he's blind in one eye. I've been trying to get him to kill metal heads since the day I found him, but he's too interested in smelling flowers.
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Aussies the best dogs on earth. I have a little girl shes about to be a year old now, and I have a white lab. Love both but I prefer my aussie.

on the pitbull issue its two parts that it is in their nature for them as with all dogs but they are much worse on temper and anger. and it also falls onto the owner to control and stop that behavior. But that goes with all dogs, you always should study the breed before you go out and get a dog. I'm not going to tell you not to get a pit but if you do you must make sure that your willing to do what is needed for that dog or any dog.

The only dog breeds that I will get because they are my favs or golden's, labs, aussies sheps, bull dog, pugs or a english mastiff
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Lol @ bondage gear.

On topic, get a daschund. They kick ass.
they will all get hip problems if they dont, and its a bitch to groom them properly.
i dont know if you are ready for a pet TS, if you dont want a animal you dont have to take care of then i think that beats the whole purpose of having a pet.
I have a pitbull that was a stray.

Nicest dog youll ever meet. Nice around children, always loyal, never growls or barks.

The reason pitbulls are fighting dogs isnt because their genetically meaner, its because their genetically stronger. Theyre either the strongest or second strongest (rots) breed of dog, so naturally, dog fighters use them.

In fact, I have a pure bread golden as well, and the pitbull is much better behaved.


I should add that everyone saying dogs are born meaner are full of bullshit, and they have no idea what their talking about. A dogs attitude is 100% dependent on the environment they were raised and live in.

I also want to add that I walked dogs at a shelter, and the pitbulls were always extremely loyal and well behaved. More so then most of the more popular breeds.
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i had a pit bull when i was around 8, his name was gonzo and he was a goofball

never had a problem, but be prepared to invest some time and effort into training him

the last thing the pit bull's image needs is another irresponsible, douche owner

right now i've got a lab and a bassett hound, the lab is an amazingly smart, easy dog to train... the bassett hound not so much :P
some friends of mine own a pitbull named Dude, and it is one of the nicest dogs ive ever met
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Don't get a pit bull. To attract the ladies with dogs, you must have a chocolate labrador.

or a pug.
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They've actually been proven to be the most aggressive dogs.

My grandparent's dachshund is a total dick. But, I'm sure it doesn't help that she hits him with a yardstick.

In my experience, the only time I've ever been seriously bitten by a dog was by a rottweiler, and I took a few stitches in my lip. My uncle had a pitbull (that are illegal in Ohio) and that was one of the friendliest dogs I've ever met. My uncle would hit him sometimes as punishment, but within reason. With that kind of dog, though, you can't really take any chances, especially since his kid was born and grew up around that dog, but there was never an incident. I've never heard of that dog attacking anything or anyone, but I'd definitely had my ass kicked by him a few times. He was so strong that if he jumped up on you playfully, your ass was going down and wasn't getting up until he let you.

That was an awesome dog, though. The moral of the story here is that pitbulls are only aggressive when their owners are total pricks who beat them and raise them as such.
i love so many breeds of dogs, i hope to be able to add each one to my list of dogs i've owned (only one on my list so far ). dogs are all about how they are breed and how they are raised. pit bulls and rottweilers are known for being aggressive, but that's because they were breed that way and most of the owners are trailer-trashy people who treat their dogs poorly and hardly encourage their dogs to behave well.

if you get a pit bull, train it early. treat it with kindness and discipline the puppy to avoid unwanted behavior. at any sign of aggression, stop the dog, let it know who's boss. because if you allow the dog to know that it can kick your ass, it eventually will.

here are some that will definitely get you crowds of chicks.

yorkshire terrier

scottish terrier

shetland sheepdog

australian shepherd (they're known for often having one pale blue eye and a brown one)

chow chow

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I HATE ****ing pitbulls. Seriously. If they have the ability to kill they should be behind bars of FAR away from children and innocent people. We don't let people walk tigers around in public areas now, do we?
I started carrying a knife around because some people own some pitbulls in my area and leave them unleashed in their backyard (which has a low fence).
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