Hi all ive been looking at adjusting my truss rod to get rid of some fret buzz around fret 12. Have read loads of articles on this and finally made the plunge yesterday and loosend the rod a 1/2 turn to give more relief. Upshot is after 24 hours its made no difference to the action or the buzzing, i still have the same gap at frets 7-8 as i did before adjustment. This buzzing i refer to is when i play power chords up the neck @ fret 10 on the low E and fret 12 on A and G strings and only when i play with a pick. I cant find the buzzing anywhere else and is fine when i play with fingers or thumb. The guitar is a epiphone hummingbird and is strung on d addario phos bronze .10-.47. I have gone up a gauge or 2 but am learning barres and couldnt make the barre with the higher gauge strings. Should i live with buzz as i dont really go up the neck that much since im still learning open chord songs. Why didnt the rod adjustment move my neck....? Also my intonation is slighly sharp at fret 12 do i really need a pro look at this as the guy who sold it me (shop) just said go up a gauge.......!
you can adjust a little more.

you don;t want to adjust more than a 1/4" a day. this can take a while.

if it didnt move the neck, then you have nothing to lose turning again.

as long as you dont force a turn, or turn too much, and are letting the guitar settle in tune, you'll be fine.

as for intonation. it's a simple screw turn. you dont need a pro to do.
i'll post a tutorial.

SETTING INTONATION: from icepoint...
Most electric guitars provide individual string length adjustment for setting intonation. Fine tuning this length insures that your guitar plays in tune all the way up and down the neck.

Using an electronic tuner, tune your guitar to pitch.
One string at a time, play the harmonic at the 12th fret and then play the fretted 12th fret note.
If the fretted note is sharper than the harmonic, increase the string length slightly until both notes register the same on your tuner.
If the fretted note is flat compared to the harmonic shorten the string length slightly until both notes register the same on your tuner.
Repeat the procedure on all strings until the harmonic and the fretted notes are the same.

if you can't find a harmonic then compare the open string to the fretted 12th.

and retune after every time you adjust the intonation screw

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