Just curious for all you guitar players who have played for a while how many years it took before you were confident enough to play for people or at the point where you hardly screw up any notes?

Almost 2 years of guitar for me and still make a ton of mistakes even easy ones but im sure in a few years it will get real familiar. Any comments from your guys experience would be appreciated.
well ive bin playin for bout 1 and a half and i play in front of ppl with only few mistakes
I was always comfortable even when i couldn't play, but after about a year i could play alot more cleanly. Just depends on how much you practice!
I've been playing for almost 5 years now and I'm still not confident with my playing. It just means that i have to practice more and become a lot more dedicated.
4 years of playing and I'm playing gigs as the lead guitarist.

If you are good, people who think you suck just have different taste. How do you get good? practice.
To be honest....I've been playing for more than 6 years and I still have a lot of confidence issues.

When I play in front of people I just concentrate a lot and that prevents me from making mistakes. Still I think things like "ok now don't screw this part up,"

I practice a lot though and some songs I play are basically just muscle memory at this point.

It took me a year or so before I would even attempt to play in front of people.

I've found that if you have a lot of energy and are generally happy to be playing people will notice that more.

And as always: practice makes perfect.
yea like my problem is when i play for people or record something to put on the internet my mind races and it messes with my playing
well i have been playing for 3 almost 4 years now and i think im getting to the stage of feeling better about my playing but i always was able to play for people even when i first started i was doing school talent shows with hardly any worrys ...but latly the only that i play for is my teacher soo i dont know if my confidence has changed for the worse becouse maybe since im taking music more seruise. but usally when i play for some people it doesnt bother me couse i just let the music flow. let my emotions take other ..lol and then i forget that theres even people there
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So far I'm at 7. The weird part is that the only time I get nervous is when I'm recording something because I always want it to be perfect. If I'm playing in front of people I'm more confident than most people.
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I'm at 5, I can play rhythm all day, and not think for a sec...my lead though i still freeze up sometimes, its like i can play good leads, but when i get nervous i have nothing, and i start thinking bout timing which in turn screws up my timing...i have none of these problems when playing alone, only recording and playing live
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I'm still not confident and I've been playing for over a year. Oh well, all I can do is keep going
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I'm at one and a half, and I completely agree with what lessy_p had to say!!!