Alright, I have finally saved about 1000$ and was wondering what kind of amp to buy, I know I want a tube but should I get a combo or a head and cab? If possible suggest an amp/head/cab I should get. Also if you suggest a head/cab please make sure the head and cab combined is 1000$. Also If I can't get much out of 1000$ I can spend up to about 1200 but that would be my max. I need a good clean sound for neoclassical and jazz, a good overdrive sound for classic rock and blues, and it needs to be able to support the metal muff or a similar pedal so I can get good metal tones. Although I want a flexible amp I mostly play neoclassical and distorted stuff (everything from punk to heavy metal). Please give me suggestion, and thank you!!
Don't get a stack in that price range, that will just mean the speakers are crap in the cab.
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You're best bet would be a used Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50 or 100. Stay away from solid state Marshalls. They sound horrible loud.
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Peavey Classic 30 combo?
Mesa F series?

wait where do you live?

California, why?
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California, why?

because there are tons of used amps for sale on craigslist.com in california.

go check it, pick your city, click on Musical Instr under 'for sale' and see what you see...

it is worth a shot.

once there type 'amp' in search bar

or peavey or fender or mesa or tube amp or whatever
I thought about that but I'm always a bit weary of the kind of people on there, I would rather buy a new amp but I'll give it a shot.
i wouldn't worry about it too much. Most of the people selling are musicians and mom and pop shops, plus you can always arrange to meet in a public place (that has power outlets) or bring parents or a friend if not.

worth a look. what do you see?