Im trying to get a sound and im trying out chords...

Can someone please (without condescension) show me some basic metal chords?

Maybe even a riff or too?

I don't want song suggestions
In Thirteen Seconds
It's been thirteen seconds
since you all last said
i've become the apparition
You predicted for my death

I don't know, but I've just been wanking around in drop D and have come up with some pretty cool riffs.
Incorporate a mix of root-5th power chords and minor 3rd/major 3rd two note chords (like a backwards power chord, kinda). Depends on the style of metal you're playing. For more info on using these chords, look up tabs like "Enlightened by the Cold" by Shadows Fall, or even some Metallica tunes.

For riffs, use minor scale based stuff, it's simple. Look at Metallica songs and shit like that.
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Most popular metal basically uses power chord based rhythym with leads playing minor pentatonic scales, or random riffs built off minor scales. When you get into some melodic metal songs such as... Sanatarium? You can play arpeggiated or broken up 7th chords, 6th chords, 9th.. whatever you want, metal is a very open genre as far as melody goes, and it does have many sub genres that dictate what kind of sound you're looking for. One thing to note though is that while metal used arpeggiated melodies quite often, using a strummed chord other than a power is somewhat rare. Personally when I play metal melodies I try to use a lot of dissonance, often playing in the locrian mode and then I have it either go into a heavy section or resolve the dissonance and go into a more pleasant sounding meloldy
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