I wasn't sure exactly where to put this (my first post here), so I figured I'd take an educated guess.

I'm currently in a band with a couple of my friends, who play keyboards and bass. I play guitar and do vocals (we're still working on a drummer). Anyway, so far the only songs we've played together are by Muse, because we all love them and can't agree on anything else. So I was wondering if anyone knew any other bands that had a similar sound (synth/piano, varying from hard rock to real quiet stuff, nice and loud bass). Thanks
the bravery (sun and the moon, not so much off the first one tho)
minus the bear
a couple radiohead songs have synth and guitar at the same time
haha idk look around
if you want something along the lines of a techno-type muse who's songs are still based around guitar and bass lines, or would be easy to make them so, check out Idiot Pilot