i just started playing bass after playing guitar for a while. im using an amp that was left at my friends house. its a peavey TNT with a graphic EQ.

my question is what are some normal settings for this for different styles of music. mainly playing harder rock right now.

it seems like the low E sounds nice, deep and smooth. but when i go to other strings, mainly the A it sounds really punchy(if that makes sense). almost like its too loud and sharp in the mix with the guitar. there is also pre and post gain, with buttons for punch and something else. as well as a low and high knob. all of this is foreign to me.

can you help me get a decent setting to start off with and explain the pre and post gain, low and high knobs. thanks
go to 'the fitz'es profile. if he's not your friend, go through my profile friend list. then, go to his EQ blogs. all you need.
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