I like it kinda has a medieval feel to it which you don't hear too often. Great guitar harmonies. It sounds a little awkward when the drums first come in, like the snare is a little off.

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I really like the intro guitar riff. I agree with the guy who said it sounded medieval. It's very unique, but in a good way. The harmonies in the intro sound really amazing. As for the drums, I think that they come in a bit too suddenly. That's fine if that's how you want it, but I think some sort of transition or intro fill would improve the songs flow. The guitar solo was really nice as well.

Overall great track. The riffs were very original and the playing was great. Nice work.

Crit mine?

That was really cool... when the drums first started, I felt like the beat was a little disjointed to the guitars, then everything synced up really well and the rest of the song was great. You can expect a request from my band. Crit4crit.

Here's the link anyway. Two short songs. Let me hear what you think.

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Pretty good man, I really dig the acoustic lead over the intro riff.

Crit for crit? I have a few things on my page, a song/shredskill thing =p

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