I have a Peavey Valveking 212 combo. The more you turn the reverb up the more it hum's. Does this mean the tubes are going bad? It only does this with the reverb. This is my frist tube amp, it's only about 1yr old and doesn't get used a whole lot. Most of the time the volume stays below 1 lol. You are supposed to leave it on standby to let the tubes cool down and heat up before turning it off right?

Anyway if it is the tube(s) do they all need replaced or is there one designated for reverb? Also has anyone tried any other tube brands? or speakers?

I'm thinking the VK doesn't have tube driven reverb. Besides the humming does the reverb sound fine? Is the reverb tank, the black box on the bottom of the amp, plugged in all the way?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
You know what I think you are right, I forgot all about seeing the reverb box down there. yes the reverb sounds fine, and is plugged in good.. But why is it humming....cries. It wasn't like that when it was new.
Besides having a tech check it out and I don't there's a whole lot you can do. Maybe try cleaning the jacks and plugs on the reverb tank with some contact cleaner.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
yeah, do what Kevin said and report back. The reverb is not tube driven. The reverb is not good on these amps either but back to your problem. When you say hum, is it like a buzzing or a humming? Also try playing it with the cables to reverb unplugged.
Kind of both, I guess it would be more of a buzzing. Even if it is not being played, even with all of the volume knobs turned all the way down, as soon as you turn up the reverb it just kind of creates it's own sound. Ill try cleaning the contacts.
do you really need that reverb?

i think i actually have my cables upplugged from my tank.

try that and then play so we can narrow the problem down, and/or clean the contacts but unless the amp is really dirty i doubt that is the problem.

can you explain how you were turning the amp on and off again?

should be:
power on (up)
wait a minute
standby on (up)
standby off (down) to break
back on
both off (down) when done