Hi, well I read the Micing a drum set article, but it doen't discuss the kind of drum that my band uses in one of it's song, bongos. So I though I'd ask around, if the best way to mice it would be overhead, some other way, or if we should just experiment with it, thanks in advance for your help. O, and theyre the smaller bongos that you hold in your lap, if that helps.
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I'd have condensers overhead and a dynamic near the head between them.
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How will they function in the mix? If they're just accompaniment, I wouldn't go all over the top on it. You won't get it back in the end. Maybe a medium or small diaphragm condensor. Don't point it at the shell as much as you should point it at the head. You want to accentuate the sound of the hands on the skin, not the resonance of the shell.

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