I bought this Gibson LP used and when I pluged it up and it makes a humming noise but when I touch the tuners or bridge the humming stops what is wrong?
Maybe on my start its the grounding on the spring claw? idk were it would be for the LP though
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Dude my strat does the same thing.....
This i would like to know also lol.

Single-coil guitars have noise, which gets to be really bad if the room you're playing in is ungrounded.

I don't know what the deal is with the LP, unless it has P90 pickups which are single-coil.

There's a trick for stopping the hum which I use. You need to pick up some wire and an alligator clip. You cut the wire to 18 inches or so long, then take one end and make it into a ring shape to fit your finger into. You solder the other end to the alligator clip, and then attach the clip to your bridge. This seems weird, but it'll cure your single coil hum.
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this is actually a pretty easy fix if you know how to handle a soldering iron.

last year i buily a guitar from scratch, and i was having the same problem while i was wiring the electronic complonents.

basically, all you need to do is unscrew the back plate and find the ground cable.
its usually a thick coaxial cable that runs from the potentiometer/input cavity to the bottom of the bridge. just resolder it (there's usually a nifty little hook or tooth to lodge the cable while your soldering it) and that should clear the problem up.

this completes a circuit and allows the electricity to flow back to the ground instead of through your hand (potentially not a good thing?) when it comes into contact with the bridge or strings.