Perhaps the wrong forum, but anyone know any good places to make gear trades? (other than right hear in the classifieds section of course)
There's a good classified section here. But I like Harmony Central's a little better. Google it so I don't get banned for posting links (I think?) but I've made 3 deals off there in the past few months. It's pretty good, but you gotta watch out for scammers no matter what you use, especially when trading.
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Harmony central is great, or even better, befriend a few gear whor3s. They always know a few people who know a few people...

I got my Ibanez RG2228 from a guy at Sam Ash I never met, with 30% off this way. Most of the guys that know guys are on Harmony Central.

You can also just sell gear on ebay or wherever, and buy used gear, and sell it very close to the purchase price. The only loss you're gonna take is shipping. But there are ways around it, by say making everyone you buy from pay for shipping, while everyone you buy from pays for shipping or half of it.
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