A friend of mine will pay with a decent bottle of scotch to record first date for her and being a metalhead i dont really have a pop punk setting handy. Im using a gt-8 so if anyone could just give me some similar sections that'd be sick. Just sopmething similar, doesnt have to sound exact.
i dont know alot about the gt-8 except that its made by boss so it probably has a ds-1 distortion in there somewhere. i'd start with that, then add a decent amount of distortion and lots of treble.
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Bridge pickup, plenty of treble, distortion, their tone is pretty simple.
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Late blink? dirty fingers
early to mid blink? sh-11 custom custom

ive been told

Edit: now reading thoroughly.. what amp do u have and if ur a guitarist.. im sure you dont need help from ultimate guitar to get your guitar to sound "similar to a tone" especially blink... just toggle around the amp knobs.. ull find it haha
tom delonge didn't use any effects pedals in his blink days, he always just used the amp's overdrive so that's what i would do. bridge humbucker, decent amount of distortion, but not too much treble. first date was on take off your pants and jacket so he'd be using his sig strat with just the one SD invader humbucker. pretty basic. lucky you free scotch for an easy blink-182 song.
It's pretty simple to get a blink tone. And it's pointless asking on here, I doubt many people have your same exact rig, so the best thing you can do is just mess around with it.
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