Ive been playing guitar for about 2 and a half years now and i play a couple hours a day and im not getting any better. i cant do any fast solos and easy ones like crazy train... wtf? Anyone got any advice, besides practicing more...?
practice slower? professionals start out at even half the speed or slower of the final product and work their way up until it's where it should be. other than that, just repetition...
metronome. practice at quarter speed then increase. also, get a teacher. they can help. and lastly, try some differnet music. if u like the fast metal stuff, learn some bluegrass. that stuff is ****ing insane!
Take a different approach on practicing... Try to play things you normally wouldnt play... platues are always going to pop up but can always be broken with enough practice and motivation. For me jamming with other people is such a key factor in my guitar playing... Yeah i can practice all sorts of scales and arppegios alone in my room to a metronome... But sometimes i gain the most ground learning things from people around me. Its either riffs a song or a little pattern they use to warm up. My advice keep a open mind towards guitar. Make sure your keeping good form at all times. And constantly learn new things. But besides that practice practice practice... Make sure you stay focused while practicing and not eating a jelly donut or browsing the web inbetween licks.. haha hope that helps.
well I felt like that like 5 months ago (i will make only to years on the last days of november) but it really will be later cause i got serius like 5 months after the november i got my guitar but now i feel that i have really improved I can play solos only need more practice at sweeps(i am practicing the children of bodom`s hate me currently I need to master the speed of some parts of it)

What you only need is the real desire to improve practice practice,

learn some scales make exercicses with them, learn solos you like , never say i give up i cant cause everybody can satriani lahio, Van halen anti Kokko, Alex Skolnick,Muhammed Suiçmez,Michael Ammot even Skwisgaar Skwigelf are all humans

Ii dont thing that ,like the guy above says"Trying to play things you normally wouldnt play" would work cause i will not be enjoying it , learn things you really enjoy playing not things you feel forced to play
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Try finger gymnastics.
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