This year for woodwork in my final year of school I took upon a project to make a bass guitar.
I wanted to make a precision bass copy, because it was basically my dream bass guitar.
This process took about 10 months, I took everything really slow because 1. I had time 2. I didn't want to make a critical mistake.
The hardware and woods I used are:

Solid body mahogany $89
Tasmanian hardwood for the neck This wood was given to me by teacher for free (Was off old benches in my school
Fender P bass pick ups Cost $80
Fender bridge $40
Truss rod $30 put together
Black pickguard $20
Rosewood fingerboard about $60 slotted
Standard sized frets $19

Pictures below:

A frequently asked question is: does it work? It does lol

Basically I find this bass to have very tight and very good highs and mids.

If you have any question I'd be happy to answer them!
Question: that's awesome.

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Are you an Aussie? I ask because you've used Tasmanian hardwood in it, but your prices for hardware and the pickups seems very cheap for Australia.

Looks really great, though, very well done.
Yeah i actually got them imported in from America.

Yeah im from sydney,
It just normal lacquer, I had to paint the lacquer on than sand it, Rinse and repeat 10 times or so.

Than in the end the final coats were done with a spray
Thats pretty nice, although I would have had the truss rod adjust at the headstock end, and allowed for enough wood so that you didnt have to cap the end of the headstock taking away that middle lam colour, but oh well.

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I agree with no lamination in the headstock; but still, it's a very nice take on the PBass: rounded edges, different horn, different headstock shape, beautiful Natural finish. What lacquer/finish is it?

How much did you pay for the tuners and what kind/brand are they? I'm always curious about how much those outside of the US pay for parts.

Again, awesome job!

Actually it isn't lamination or i don't think?
The headstock veneer thing was made with the spare mahogany and a bit of super hardwood.
What I did was glue two piece of mahogany around that super hardwood.
Than I cut it very thinly on the circular saw and glued it onto the headstock, I slowly planed it so it was it thin enough.
As for the cap at the end, the mahogany spare bit was not long enough, so unfortunately I had to cap it. I regret not doing it properly
The tuners are just generic ones from eBay and they were $40 delivered. I really am not impressed with them because they are super heavy, not sure if genuine ones are any lighter? I am gonna look to replace them some day.