Did anyone else watch the premiere of this new JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias) show. It was pretty good. It has the paranormal stuff like the X Files but with a more scientific twist. It also has the hidden symbols and such just like on lost. I have a feeling it might go the way of Firefly as it is fairly out there and probably not interesting to people who don't like a little Sci-Fi.

So anyway if you saw it here is the place to talk about it.
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it seemed a bit too much for a first episode, and doesnt seem coherent. but JJ abrams has yet to fail us. So it may get good
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damn, i forgot about that show. i never really was interested in Lost or Alias, but i saw some commercials for Fringe, and it looked pretty good.
This show is awesome. I was a bit sceptical after the third episode, I thought it was going to stagnate into a CSI style show. Episode 4(and the ending of episode 2) were amazing though. Really beginning to feel Lost-like. Needless to say I'll be hooked
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Fringe is a damn good show. Ive been watching it online since the season premier.
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Where have YOU been, a cave or something? There's been 3 episodes on so far, and I've watched every one. Yes, hang in there because it does get better, and more interesting.
Heroes is also into it's new season, as well as Smallville and Supernatural. These are about the only TV shows I'm willing to watch, the rest is crap.
I thought this topic was about golf. *leaves*
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damn, i thought this thread was going to be a guy asking how good his fringe was
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I LOVE Alias and Lost, so this should be pretty awesome

TV atm is great, new Heroes, Prison Break, Chuck and Dexter
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