ive been into really heavy stuff and i kinda want to stray away from that a bit, do you guys know any softer songs like the way battery by metallica starts, its such an awesome acoustic riff. im just looking for something i havent heard, dosnt have to be acoustic. thanx ppl
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!
clenching the fists of dissent

by machine head


that whole album is the modern day master of puppets! go buy the blackening. now!
clenching the fists of dissent is ****ing awesome, holy shit! but im looking for a softer song, still tho wow.
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!
My suggestions:

Ellis Paul (acoustic artist that is one of the best songwriters out there)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (check out the album Howl for cool acoustic stuff, songs like Feel it Now and Mercy are softer and on youtube, and Baby 81 for some bluesy sounding Rock n' Roll)
The Verve (A Storm in Heaven is a great album as well as A Northern Soul)
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Explosions In The Sky
Thrice's Alchemy Index (Volumes II, III and IV)
City And Colour
Dustin Kensrue
Joshua Radin
Five Times August
Bayside's "Acoustic" album
Death Cab For Cutie
Opeth's "Damnation" album.

That should be a good start.