My friend recently asked me to teach him how to play guitar. Problem is, I have NO idea where to start. I already taught him proper pick position while holding, and taught him C,D,E,Em, and G chords, but I don't know where to go from here. Help?
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Maybe a few more open chords and a scale in the first position. Then progress into playing simple songs.
I'd say start teaching him some simple songs using those chords, then move on to some easy riffs and single string melodies
You should probably teach him the major and minor chords,
and have him practice chord changes
and then start teaching him how to alternate pick.
Teaching the alternate picking early will make it so much easier for him to play later on.
and better.
it was really hard for me to get the hang of alternate picking cause i taught myself how to play and down picked everything.
but you should definently start him out on that stuff,
and then move on to songs.
to add to all of this what I do when teaching someone is show them something (chords, sliding, bends ect) and then incorporate it into a simple song that they might like. It has worked out pretty well this way because they learn the technique, learn a portion of a song, and this keeps this attention better because they have something to actually play rather than bend one note over and over again as practice.
it's a must to incorporate songs into your lessons. You should have a song for every different thing you're teaching him, so he learns to use it in context. He's going to need to learn to quickly switch to every chord he learns, so you'll have to have a song to play so he'll be forced to stay in time.

Songs also help with beginning soloing, where a song has a simple melody line or something that he has to learn and play. The Beatles are your friend.

teach him the I IV V progression, and then teach him the minor pentatonic scale.