Okay, i have a very touchy situation at hand, and i need some advice.

I'm going on a date with a girl this friday. She's really nice, very cool, great taste in music, sappy sappy blah blah blah, you guys could care less haha.

But heres the thing...as many of you i'm sure are guilty of as well, i was bored one night and i sorta thumbed through her pictures on her myspace, and i see this picture of her with who looks like her dad, and the caption reads 'i miss you everyday'

i said well that's odd...maybe he moved or her parents are divorced, then i read the comment on that picture to learn the sad truth that he passed away about a year ago.

Right away i froze...first feelin an incredible amount like a jerk for some reason. i can't figure out why but...i just did. i felt an immense feeling of sympathy for her...

and after a while i started becoming really nervous. this friday, what do i do if the topic of parents or family comes up? lets say she trusts me enough to tell me about her dad....what do i do?

clearly i have to act like i don't know already...but how much would that suck to start a first date off with a lie? and i don't want it to seem like i don't care....jeez...

i don't know. i'm just going to use common sense but...if anyone has experienced something similar...please, advice would be very much appreciated!
try the relationship thread. you will get more serious answers in there.

thus avoiding all the posts like: fap, wut, k, koo, inb4icumblood, i cum blood, Russel what the f*ck!?, etc