im sure theres a section for this, but honestly, does any one really go to that?

recently i met this girl, shes amazing. shes everything ive always wanted, shes straight edge, gorgeous, sexy, smart, actually graduated and is going to school.. anyways, you get what i mean.

i met her about 3 weeks ago and ive fallen so hard for her. shes all ive thought about since i met her. the thing is, she just got out of a relationship with an asshole who cheated on her. so she has major trust issues with people now. shes always thinking im flirting with other girls when shes not around, any girl im friends with she thinks theres something between us.

im trying so hard to show her that im not like that, i dont mess around. i dont need any one but her. she says im "just to popular with the girls" and that she doesnt think it will work out with her trust issues.

ive tried telling her that i know how she feels, ive been cheated on too, i understand that you would have trust issues after that kind of situation. but i just dont understand why she doesnt even give me a chance to show her that i really care for her. i tell her to just believe in me, but she ignores me.

basically im coming to the trusty pit to ask for honest and serious advice or if any one has ever been in this kind of situation, and you they fixed it.
If this is how it's always going to be, then she doesn't deserve someone like you.
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tell her that if she doesn't stop with the trust issues,you're gonna d*ckslap her face. just like that.
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My woman kind of does the same thing, but it's more of joke than anything. My advice is too at least keep up a friendship with her, that way when she finally does begin to trust people again, then you can go in for the kill.

Either that, or take the brutally blunt route and tell her that you won't be another *insert assholes name* and that she's not the only one who has felt that kind of pain.

oh, and in b4icumblood.