First of all, thanks for all the nice comments and feedback on my previous attempts a composition. Really makes the effort worthwhile. For your kind words, I have written another epic!

The song in is zee profile.

It's just a few separate ideas joined together in a style that simultaneously reminds me of Opeth and Canon Rock. It's a 5 minute journey that I pulled together this afternoon. I may consider re-uploading it later to iron out kinks.

If I had to make it into a genre I would call it instrumental progressive acoustic shred metal.

If you wish to give me (much appreciated) feedback on the two other songs on the profile, give this link a visit:
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First off like, the genre

Good melody going on during the intro and acoustic part. Lead part could be turned up a bit. At the end of the solo tho you should clean it up. The notes sorta fit but you could put something better there.

I like how the song changes, reminds me of Trivium actually. Good leads again. Tho I think when it straightens up you should remove the acoustic in the background.

Overall I like it, definally keeps the listener interested. I'd say just clean it up abit and it will be even better!
Haha i was listening to Pain of Salvation before i turned your song on and halfway through i actually thought it was PoS

The composition and song progression are impeccable once again, it flows very, very well. I really like your legato and did i hear a sweep or two thrown in there? About the only thing i could say you can improve on is the mixing. And try throwing in a bass guitar for depth too, the mixes sound a little shallow. But other than that, fabulous work.
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You really do make your pieces an epic journey for the listener. Well composed, and I like how this piece focused less on your technical chops, but more on overall melody and feel. The arpeggios were great, kind of dragonforce meets cannon rock with the epic-ness and such. As far as improvements, I'll also recommend the use of a bass to add some depth to the mix. I also find that the low-end from the kick of the drum-set distorts occasionally. Excellent job overall. If you have the time, could you comment on my power ballad jam here?

I'm pretty late in critting your song, but at least I kept my word xDD

First of all, i'm going to start this crit by saying that this was a GREAT listen, very original structure and I could see a more of a unique playing and creating style in this music.
I like the fusion in between the acoustic parts and the distorted and shred taking place. I really liked those arpeggios somewhere in minute 3.
It did remind me of Opeth, but it didn't sound like Opeth, it sounded like a more unique style, with a tear of atmosphere from Opeth.
The good thing about this piece is the melodies that are all attached to each other, there wasn't not one melody that didn't fit, they all fit, because they imitate the rhythm of the drums and the chords.
I like that you used calm acoustic, and then strong distorted guitars throughout the whole song, as to let the energy of the music release, and then start to build up for another epic section to keep the listener entertained. You do know how to make the song sound powerful, because you make a balance between what's calm and loud. Those where the main themes, calm and powerful which you balanced through the song.

Very awesome, I actually loved all of your four songs, they all have unique structure, i'd love to hear more of you, you are very talented and your on the road to building a unique voice. Not many people know how to balance and fit well together the music that they make, but you certainly do.
And i'd definitely buy from you as well.

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and you were absolutely right thats my thing, aaha! i really enjoyed it.

It also made me lol, when you had like a super happy set of backing chords will hellish shredding over the top xD But yeah, first off, it DOES remind me alot of opeth, yet at the same time, its nothing like opeth, i actually kinda prefer it to opeth hahaaha. You have the lot, right from the intro, epic harmonies, supersmooth lead parts with the occasional mindblowing shred. i love how it cuts in and out of the distorted guitar to the acoustic and clean sections, (ive been listening to alot of Cynic recently tryna learn how to best do that mahself ahaah).

and "instrumental progressive acoustic shred metal" FTW!

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