My Bebo's been really ****in' gay recently.

The main background repeats down the page, and the text that is usually bold and large is just small and italic, and it's very hard to read. Everything has gone wrong. If I click refresh, it goes okay, but it comes up CONSTANTLY with "script error" and all that shit. No matter how many times I click it it doesn't go away. It's like Bebo has a virus - and it's not just my page. It must be something to do with my computer.

And the worst thing is I can't upload pics of my Strat project, because the photo uploader's ****ed up too

Pit, help
The worst thing is that you use Bebo.

Anyway, it could be just a problem with the site itself and they'll sort it out eventually.
HAHAHAHAHAH bebo...!!!

*a few posts later*

HAHAHAHAHA myspace!!!!

oh pit, you crack me up.
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I have no idea why Bebo is popular other than chavvy girls love it, and it actually looks tacky.

Maybe the two are a match made in heaven.

It's also really popular in Ireland, so I hear - now, I don't know why.. but fair enough.....

Edit -

TS I'd imagine your PC has some spyware or internet browser settings changed due to that site or the shit people put on their own pages. Get some anti-spyware programs like Spyware Blaster to immunanize (SP?) yourself and get Spybot Search & Destroy to do the same then scan your PC for it and remove it accordingly.

Then go to "internet options" and set all tabs to default levels.
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you have a skin with smaller writing lol
also haven't you downloaded the new photo uploader? that could be why.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

Bebo is for morons who are to dumb to work Myspace.
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myspace or facebook use them.
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Try a different browser (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc.) and see if the problem continues

If it does, do a spyware check. 'Spybot - Search and Destroy' and 'Ad-Aware Free' are both free. Try them.
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Answer: MySpace

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I use both bebo and myspace, mainly beause a few friends have bebo and not myspace, i don't really use either often
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Answer: give your Bebo password to the guys on /b/. they'll be able to fix it for you

Yep do this.
I did it. They sorted the problem out in no time.
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No, don't use MySpace. The only thing it's good for is stalking underage girls.

I agree. ++1
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