Gday, im looking for a new solid state amp, i would like something versatile, but something that can do good distortion without a pedal, and it needs to not weigh a ton.

The problem is that it seems that all small amps are crap. I have treid quite a few, and it is nearly always a case that the small amp is the worst and cheapest amp in the line up.

I need something that is at least 50w, but that is also relatively small. So far the only thing i have found that meets my requirements of beeing not completely crap is the Rolland Cube 60. What other amps should i consider for this purpose? I have tried the 40w randall, as well as the marshall vs30, and they are both absolute garbage. So far the only worthy contender is the cube

Any advice would be great, thanks
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I have the cube and it's very nice and versatile. I can't find any other better amp in this price range, so I suggest to buy it
Roland Cube 60 ! In my opinion one of the best solid state amps in that proce range. And yuo can get a good metal-tone out of it.
You might want to try the Line 6 Flextone III (don't flame it - the spider yes, but don't flame this amp - it's pretty sweet!)

I have a Cube 30X myself and it's a great amp for practicing (and a Laney TT50 for jamming / gigs). Gigging wise I suggest you up it to a 60X. I really can't knock it.

And I have also looked into the Flextone as my practice amp coz of the moddelling on it - something to mess around with when practicing and the models are pretty damn near to the majority of amps etc they are based upon.

There are others but for what you want you could do a lot worse.
Peavey VYPYR. This time, and every time the question gets asked. It blows the Cubes away. /thread.
hmm looks like the rolland cubes the go. I'd check out the peavey as im a fan, but the VYPYR seems non-existant in Australia, plus judging by the US prices, they'd be a bit out of my budget.

The line 6 flex tone is available here but costs more than double what the cube 60 does. Looks like the cube 60's the go
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I have a 15w Roland Cube which I'm borrowing from my neighbour.

I went to find a new amp the other week, I tryed the Roland 30w, I liked it, I came back a week later for a sale and found the Randall 40w, I liked it better so I bought it.
Peavey Vypyr 30/75, and they are NOT non-existant in Australia, I'm an Aussie too and my 75 is due to arrive within a few weeks, and the 15/30w models are already in stock.