Not sure wich one for gilbert tone but generally I would say the orange is better. You can do gigs in the future with a 2x12 and for now it will be better suited for non gigging. The vintage 30's are good speakers and Orange are known for making good cabs.
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Ordered a PGM301 next to it is gonna look very nice too Pics up 2moro of my completed rig!

and 666 pounder scoop those mids!!111
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and 666 pounder scoop those mids!!111

I'm still experimenting, I've only actually had it with the cab since yesterday. I was using it through an Orange Rocker 30 before.
Orange all the way. Far better constructed cab, and its darker sound should go nicely with the Laney bright nature very well.

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and 666 pounder scoop those mids!!111

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Wow, that's pwnage

Thought you disapprove of Orange? Or is it just the actual amps you don't like.
I saw Horlicks, A Laney, and an Orange all together, thought it must be like 2 worlds colliding for you