hey guys. i search barred and couldnt find anything. whats the best gig you've ever played and why?

my fav was this one time we hired out a small hall with two other local bands. we played to about 100 people, but it was cool haveing no security or pub owners bossing you around. the pay wasnt that bad either.
Once played to over 200 people at a memorial for a dead teenager in London. It was an amazing atmosphere and it was just such an honour to do it. We played quite possibly the best we ever have, it was just such a good evening
Supporting Bernie Marsden, Mick Moody and Neil Murry (all ex Whitesnake and collectively known a M3) at Burnley Mechanics Theatre.
The rest of their band was amazing and read like a who's who of 80s rock, with Mark Stanway, the keyboard player from Magnum, Jimmy Copley the drummer with both Jeff Beck's and Paul Rodgers' bands and Doogie White, the singer from such acts as Praying Mantis, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Cornerstone.

I spent much of my afternoon hanging out with Doogie White and that guy is such a nice, polite, down to earth person it was a complete pleasure. (I actualy thought he was a roadie until he was called up for his souncheck )
Although it wasn't the biggest audience I've played in front of, it was definately the most intense.
M3 also filmed the gig, (apart from us of course) and released it as a DVD which is available frm their web-site.
my band supported no use for a name on one of their UK dates as part of their 10 year anniversary tour. It was awesome, id listenend to no use since i was a kid so couldnt believe i was sharing a stage with them! Big crowd & lots of beers and friends! good times!
My band played for 300-400 people. We had a pretty decent number of people who came just to hear us, but they weren't the majority. Nonetheless, when we were next to go on, the crowd started chanting my band's name, and it got pretty loud. Then we came out and it was just surreal. We played a really intense, tight set that night.
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