At some points I couldn't tell whether I was listening to the weird ass midi or your guitar. Other than the recording, good job man.
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Quote by Portuguese_boy
Good job dude, like Chuckflan said, the recording wasn't that good, and you should work on your tone. Also, why didn't you use a regular bt? there are tones of them on the net.
You messed up in a few parts but overall it was a great job.
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I didn't know there were backing tracks for that free over the net, thanks!

As for the tone, it actually sounded really good in real life but for some reason, it sounded really muddy on the recording but I guess it's punishment for not using my tube amp and using the direct line from my pedal to my computer
yea strange guitar tone in the recording. You should look into an audio interface and mic your amp.

Anyways 4 out of 5 stars, great job buy your timing was off at the start and you messed up a few parts.

Either way, outstanding job...this is a song I still cant play but wish I could haha

BTW you would benefit from one of my videos:
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