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I'm sitting in my dorm with Logic Pro on my computer, my guitar in my lap, and a terrible 1/4->1/8 cord adapter to plug straight into my sound card.

What can I get that will just provide a physically solid, high-quality interface between my guitar and computer? I've been looking at things like the Toneport, but I'm very happy with my software so far so I'd prefer it just be a plain old interface with no effects or amp models. Cheaper is better too, but not at the expense of signal quality.

So what should I buy? Please point me in the right direction.

[oh, and logic pro sounds friggin awesome. I've only had it for a day but out the box I nailed Joe Satriani's Flying in a Blue Dream tone. I'll post a video on youtube once I can cleanly play the solo the whole way through]
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emu usb 0202 is what i use and i really like it. Check out the m-audio stuff too.
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I just use a toneport GX myself for guitar and bass.. only $50.. It has the option of bypassing the effects if you don't want to use the gearbox software but I just use that as it does the job. I don't know how it would sound with a better software program, but the device in itself seems pretty stable.
Head over to R&R and read the pinned posts and be sure to watch the videos, (also linked in my sig).

Don't cheap out on interfaces, the more you spend the better features and sound you'll get...


All good brands I would buy.
M-Audio makes great vista drivers
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