Now I'm not sure when I'm going to get one but I'm really looking into a 7 string. So when I have the money I'm going to buy one, but which ones are good? I'm not very knowledgeable about 7 strings so I'll need some help. Not looking for over a grand, maybe around $700-800 max. These are what I was looking at:

Schecter C-7 Blackjack

Schecter C-7 Hellraiser

Schecter Damien-7

Ibanez S7230

Ibanez RG7321 (Cheap but if its got a lot of bang for the buck I might look into it)

Those are the only ones I found. Now I've never played an Ibanez but I've always wanted to check them out. I have a Schecter and love the way it plays. So I'm just looking for a good bang for your buck guitar. I'm not looking for top of the line or anything its just going to be a mess around guitar when I feel like playing 7 string.

I'll use it to play anything from Dream Theater to Trivium, to say some Rusty Cooley type stuff. Any input is great, I'm just getting ready for when I want to buy
ibanez is pretty close to schecter. i tried one out before i bought my checter off ebay cause it has pretty much the same stuff on it.
Well your best bet is the best schecter you can afford, which I think is the hell raiser, the Ibys have thinner necks and although play great, might not be what your looking for, I suggest trying out a few schecters and Ibys in the same sitting to compare neck sizes and what feels good. You will also need to complare S series and RG series Iby 7 strings, as they play differently.

You might be able to push the boat out for a RG1527 if you decide to go with Ibanez, and they're great but about $1000 ish new.

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Thanks everybody I'll try to go to guitar center and play some 6 strings of these models and see which plays best. And if they have the 7 Strings I'll play them aswell. And I never knew ESP made a 7 string, I <3 my LTD its great, my go to guitar. I might have to check that out too then
ibanez S7320 is amazing
got mine the other day
really love it

but i hav an LTD MH400 NT (6 string)
ESP make amazing guitars and you could go for a Viper 407
no idea on the price tho mate
I think I'm pretty much looking for the hellraiser c-7. I went to local guitar shop and talked about it and they gave me a really good deal on one cause my dad knows the owner, so thats the one I'm aiming at Plus it was the only one that had everything that I think is nice, active pickups, OFR, that transparent red finish that I love, and it has very nice inlays and bindings.
For me, when it comes to buying a guitar, quality comes first.

Provided it's within reasonable price range.

I have about 2100 CDN in my bank and a JEM777VH is about 2500.

I have to take into account my income over the next littlewhile.

So save up and go for the one that you really want.

Play them first of course.