Finally a cover of my (almost) favorite band. In my opinion this is one of the best instrumentals ever and I just had to cover it. I used a toneport so don't expect professional recording and I also don't have an acoustic so I did the acoustic part with the clean channel. There are some mistakes but overrall I think it was good.

Song on profile.

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Very nice job! I really like your tone, it's nice and fuzzy and flows well with the song.

Since I haven't heard the song before I can't really be sure of what was done properly or not but it all sounded good, just before you swap from distortion to clean, I think it would have been better if you held the distorted note a bit longer with added vibrato.

Not sure if it's me or not but at about 3:40, you seemed a little out of time with the leads, your clean sound is also very hard to hear, it has a very weak sound and sounds very brittle

Other than that, great playing!

Thanks for your crit
You're welcome, I tried holding the distorted note a bit longer but then the clean part couldn't be heard, I tried finding an option for the volume swell thing in a single track in garageband but couldn't find it, so I just left it like that.
nice playing. only one place that bother me is at 3:06. Sound's like your trying to stop the note or something. But the song is nice
Thanks for the crit!

Wow, that was incredibly well done That's one of my favorite song (if not) from In Flames And you pretty much nailed it. Sometime it seemed a little out of time but other than that, good job.

I liked your tone too, really flowed with the song.
You have some skills man, excellent tone as well. What recording equipment/program do you use?

Sorry for late reply, but awesome job - you have talent