Which would be better for a beginner? Which has better sound? My friend is offering me the Epiphone.
I am going to use either of these with a Roland Microcube. Just to clarify I DO NOT these guitars on hand yet. I have to decide what to get.
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i'd pick an epiphone LP special. i find it much better than ibanez gios. my friend has that GRX20. its not that good for us. it's pretty decent. but it doesn't satisfy us.
go for the epi LP sp. i think it's much better quality than those MIC gios.
I can't comment on the Ibanez, never touched one myself. Though other Ibanez guitars I have played have been very... underwhelming.

As far as the Epi Special-II goes though, don't bother. It's the lowest and worst of all of Epi's guitars, even the LP Junior is better than it. You couldn't get any worse.
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