Ok as the title says i am after a 7 string, i was originally gonna get a nice 6 string but i have been getting more and more into heavier stuff and i have decided i am probably gonna get a 7 string.

I am getting my student loan on the 22nd of this month (£900) but i am not going to spend it all obviously My budget is around £500 i think and i reckon i should be able to get a good un for that! I've been playing for about 2 years now and i wanna get better at my rhythm playing as this is what i enjoy most.

The guitar that stands out the most to me so far is probably the ESP Steph Carpenter sigs, i really like those and i am a big Deftones fan but i think they start at about £700, which is a bit annoying I am open to the idea of a floyd type trem or fixed bridge, i hope some of you can help me out. I wanna play some Fear factory, Meshuggah and shit!
7 string thread
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do you really think its a good idea to spend over half of you student loan on a guitar?

Or Ibanez S7320/RG1527
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do you really think its a good idea to spend over half of you student loan on a guitar?

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Check out the Hellraiser. Never played the 7 stringer, but the standard 6 strings are incredible. Schecters are generally a love or hate thing, though.
I love the Schecters - I have two: C-1 Exotic and the C-7 Hellraiser. The C-7 took a bit to get used to with the painted neck, but man, does it look and sound badass (EMG 707 pickups). I think that one is more to show off; the C-1 plays extremely well and has a flawlessly smooth neck and fretboard.