I'm looking for a good quality multi-fx pedal, for someone with about £80 to work with (yes I know that isn't much money to get anything beyond amazing but its what I have to use. end of). Would something by digitech be worth it? like an RP80 or something of the sort? or boss or what? I'll admitt I'm a noob at this kind of stuff, having only owned some rubbishy zoom thing before, but yeah..

Supposedly there's a huge-ish guitar shop near me, so I fully intend to try out as many different models of multi-fx and stomp boxs and such before buying anything, try find something that is exactly what I'm looking for. But I'm just looking for some extra opinions from you guys. It would need to be sturdy, to with stand gigging, obviously.
I have the RP50 and the GNX4. I find both to be great multi-effects pedals. I've had some ZOOM pedals and find that most Digitech devices to work and sound pretty good. At a good price.