I really like this guitar. It was bought for me by my dad as a birthday present 2 years ago now and its had a happy life. Ive progressed as a player and now im looking for something better. Despite what people say, The Edge III on it has been great for me up until now lol but ive realised what people are saying, its starting to die now. So instead of spending money on a new guitar, I want to spend money on this and upgrade it.

Ive been guilty of "noobish" guitar care tbh ... and its kinda shortened its life a bit. Ive not made the wrong steps with my ESP though.

Ive identified what I want to do with it basically ....

1. Replace the Edge III Tremolo (Its starting to lose its tuning stability finally, plus the chrome on it is starting to rust/bronze which isnt exactly an appealing look lol)

2.Replace the stock pickups (they have served me well so far, but I want to change into something with more gain and high outputs)

3.Replace the scratch plate (its scratched lol)

2 and 3 are pretty much sorted ... im going to stick a set of EMG's into it and a new scratch plate.

With regards to 1

Ive read that people can easily do a straight swap between the Edge III and an OFR with no routing at all. However are their other alternatives that involve no routing and is just a straight swap ?? I dont particularly like the OFR and I dont like how it looks either. Edge Lo-Pro trems maybe ? suggestions ?

It sounds like a lot of hassle yes ... but I would rather spend the money on this guitar and be able to call it my own than buy another guitar that might not live up to expectations.
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Changing machine heads won't help you much due to the locking nut. So don't waste money on them. Otherwise I think it's a great idea to upgrade. Put in an Edge pro and shred until the neck sets on fire. I would personally go for some kind of Dimarzio pickups but hey that's a totaly personal thing.
Awsome ... machine heads are off the list then. Should I replace the locking nut ? or is that just too much hassle With regards to the trem ... whats the difference between the Edge Pro and the Edge Low Pro ? whats the best one ?

I have a thing for EMG's I have to admit ... ive got a set in my ESP and they sound incredible through my set up
The Lo-Pro isn't in production any more, but basically it was a low-profile floyd rose, similar (albeit of a higher quality) to the design of the Edge 3.

The Edge Pro is also low - profile, and it's basically the Edge 3 design with far superior materials. It's easy enough to get your hands on one too, the Lo-Pros are hard to find now because they don't make them any more, and haven't for a few years now.
I was gonna say, just as a quick note, locking tuners make it easier to put the strings on. So maybe get them, but after every other, better mod!
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well, they're simply an extra benefit.
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Dont think they will be worth the hassle tbh ... was just an extra thought but hopefully the edge pro will provide more than ample tuning stability. Ive done some math and its going to cost in the region of £350 for this mod im really happy with that price as I was expecting it to be alot more. Cant wait till I get paid to start this ... will get some before and after pictures up ofcourse