So I've been thinking to perhaps get a hollow-body guitar, but with the prices of Gretsch guitars I tyhought I'd get a cheaper guitar and putin some TV Jones pick-ups. However, whilst looking at prices I noticed TV Jones were very expensive themselves (I saw some at around £150ish) which would make it very expensive overall including putting them in (I suck at that kinda thing) so was wondering if there are any other pick-ups that are similiar to TV Jones ones but cheaper or if not recommendations on where to buy TV Jones one cheaper (In the UK)

Thanks alot
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No if you want the TV jones they are the only place to get good ones. Stewmac gets 150 US so alot less than 150 in england. And if you cant put em in your self be prepared to pay as its a real pain to do any kind of wiring work to a hollow body.
Indeed. I've done a fair amount of pickup swaps and wiring mods, I still wouldn't want to do work on a semi-hollow or hollow body guitar. It's a bit of a pain. Remember, the value of a guitar isn't all just in the pickups. It's in how it feels and plays - cheap guitars don't always have that great of playability. Sometimes, you do get what you pay for.

BTW, if you really want a semi-hollow (or hollow? I forget.) , I recommend looking for an Epiphone Casino. Those are really great semi-hollows for the money.