Just some simple riffs I came up with a few days back...any suggestions on how to make them better / more organized? I put them in no specific order...so any help would be nice. Thanks.
Mashed Potat...Err...Riffs.zip
This song is pretty intense from the start. its brutal its heavy its trashy as F**K. you have a good basis for a song here. maybe add song variation in the riffs. possible have a slower riff towards the end, a solo? good stuff. arrange the riffs yourself you lazy monkey. it will be more of your song then.

Good stuff 9.5/10
They are very good.
Are you a Cradle of filth fan by any chance?
It sounded very CoF-y!
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Wow,I never thought these riffs were that nice. I guess I'll keep these for one hell of a song later xD Yeah I kinda think it's a bit of Thrash / Death stuff.

I'm not a really Cradle Of Filth fan but I recently learned to play Her Ghost In The Fog actually. xD Kinda cool song. So yeah,maybe some of the riffs look similar to that.

Thanks for the comments,and by the way nuttyboy,I have the same guitar as you. :P